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Meet the Speakers

  • Morinosuke Kawaguchi
    Keynote Speaker

    Morinosuke Kawaguchi

    President — Morinoske Co., Ltd.

    Morinosuke Kawaguchi is an innovation and competitive strategy consultant, futurist and designer. He is the founder and CEO of Morinoske Co. Ltd., a creative future laboratory based in Tokyo. 

    As Japan’s foremost futurist, he serves as a strategy advisor to the Japanese government and to some of the world’s largest multinationals. These organizations adopted Morinosuke’s future forecasting book series MEGATRENDS as the base for their future strategy.

    Morinosuke is the inventor of the “Morinoske Subculture-driven Innovation Model” and the concept of “Gross National Talent”.

    He is an award-winning author whose books have been translated into four languages and they influence thinking and practice not only in Japan but in other countries as well.

    He is a sought-after keynote speaker at innovation forums and international conferences both in Japan and abroad. 

    Yahoo Japan listed his TEDxTokyo Toilet Talks as one of the world’s Top 5 presentations.

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  • Kuniyoshi MABUCHI
    Keynote Speaker

    Kuniyoshi MABUCHI

    Director — Facebook Japan

    Sapient inc (US)勤務後に、1998年日本でインタラクティブ・エージェンシー、株式会社DOEを設立し代表取締役社長に就任。 2005年 UKのデジタル・メディアエージェンシーProfero incとDOE 社のジョイントベンチャーである株式会社Proferoを設立。代表取締役社長に就任。 インタラクティブ・マーケティング業界で12年に及ぶトップ・マネージメントを経験し、2009年にオムニコム・グループであるTribal DDB Tokyo ジェネラル・マネージャーに就任。日本における事業の立ち上げを成功させる。

    2017年 PwC Japan Executive Advisor
    2018年 Facebook Japan Director

    『データ・サイエンティストに学ぶ「分析力」 ビッグデータからビジネス・チャンスをつかむ』

  • Tobias Ragge

    Tobias Ragge


    Chief Executive Officer

  • Naomi Watanabe

    Naomi Watanabe

    Hitachi, Ltd.

    Senior Manager, General Procurement Dept., Value Chain Integration, Sourcing & Delivery Division, Value Chain Integration Division

  • Kazuko Ueda

    Kazuko Ueda

    HRS Japan KK

    Head of Regional Sales, Japan Hotel Solution

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