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The scope of responsibility of business travel (transient as well as meetings & groups) does not just concern the procurement department. This is a subject that many stakeholders in any given company is interested in: Finance, Audits, IT, Human Resources, Safety, and Communication departments, without of course, forgetting those who are actually travelling – the business travellers.

The travel buyer thus finds him or herself in the centre of a higher and wider ecosystem, whilst playing the role of a conductor. On a daily basis he or she must manage this stakeholder’s network in order to roll out an optimal procurement strategy for these two spend categories: Travel on the one hand and meetings & groups on the other hand.

 To support them in this strategic mission, HRS has developed a unique exchange platform, and for the very first time to bring all corporate ecosystem stakeholders together to focus on the subject of business travel with new speaker profiles.
The conference series will take place in eight cities throughout 2017: Berlin, Milan, Shanghai, Tokyo, Warsaw, London, Sao Paulo and Paris.

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