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  • Lee Warren
    Keynote Speaker

    Lee Warren

    Invisible Advantage

    Lee has spoken all over the globe at conferences, association events and internal meetings for many of the world’s largest organisations. He is the author of ‘How to Persuade Anyone To Do Anything (well, almost!)’ and ‘Grown-Ups Don’t Use PowerPoint’, two eBooks designed to help people who need to communicate more effectively in business. He is described by Prince William as ‘absolutely amazing’. He has written sell-out theatre shows and been a commissioned writer at The Almeida Theatre, The Aldeburgh Festival and The Royal Opera House. An expert in behavioural persuasion and influential communication, Lee Warren blends together psychology and sales with his background as a performer to teach others the secrets to being an outstanding business communicator. In an ever cut-throat industry, Lee’s keynotes and workshops give business leaders the skills for making that all important impact. 

  • Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke CH QC MP
    Keynote Speaker

    Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke CH QC MP

    Ken Clarke is one of the longest serving MPs in the country. In Parliament for over four decades he served the Heath, Thatcher, Major and Cameron administrations. Respected by all sides of the parliamentary divide, his views on the economy, law and order, and Europe are occasionally controversial but always important and informed. After becoming a barrister Ken was drawn by the call of politics. He unsuccessfully fought the safe Labour seat of Mansfield before winning Rushcliffe near his home of Nottingham, a seat he would go on to occupy for over 40 years. Appointed as a Whip in the Heath government where he was first exposed to key discussions over Europe, Ken went on to serve as under Thatcher in Health, Education, Transport, Employment, as Paymaster-General, and in the Department of Trade and Industry. He continued as Education Secretary in the Major administration, where he became a key figure serving as Home Secretary and famously as Chancellor. In the midst of a recession, Ken’s stewardship of the economy through the mid-to-late 90s remains seen as one of the most successful in recent times and laid the foundations for future growth. After the 1997 election Ken stood for the leadership of the Conservative Party but narrowly lost out and returned to the backbenches for the first time in over 20 years. Seen as the only Conservative voice with the credibility to challenge then Chancellor Gordon Brown, Ken was made Shadow Business Secretary. In the David Cameron government he was appointed Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor before becoming Minister without Portfolio. Throughout his time in politics, Ken has maintained liberal and pro-European views often at odds with many in his party. His comments on industry and the economy have always commanded headlines, sometimes because of his close direct links to business. Ken has served as Deputy Chairman and a director of British American Tobacco, as Chairman of Unichem and Deputy Chair of Alliance Unichem, and as a non-exec director of Independent News and Media. Away from politics Ken is famous for his passion for sport (particularly football, motorsport and cricket) and jazz music, being the only serving MP to host their own regular radio programme on Radio 4, Ken Clarke’s Jazz Greats.

  • Francesco Pozzi, Ph.D
    Keynote Speaker

    Francesco Pozzi, Ph.D

    Behavior Analyst, Adjunct Professor of Behavioral Economics — IULM University-Milan

    Francesco received his Ph.D. in human interactions and has been trained as a behaviour analyst. His research has particularly focused on learning technologies, nudging and choice architecture. He is a board member of IESCUM, European Institute for the Study of Human Behaviour, and he is the co-founder and coordinator of Nudge Italia, an Italian nudge unit member of TEN, The European Nudge Network. He is scientific consultant for Ogilvy Change Italia. He has been working as a consultant and project manager for behavioural interventions and as a trainer of human resources for several public and private companies for the last ten years.

  • Jane Griffiths

    Jane Griffiths

    glh Hotels

    Global Sales Director

  • Chris Orme

    Chris Orme


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