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  • Francesco Pozzi, Ph.D
    Keynote Speaker

    Francesco Pozzi, Ph.D

    Behavior Analyst, Adjunct Professor of Behavioral Economics — IULM University-Milan

    Francesco received his Ph.D. in human interactions and has been trained as a behaviour analyst. His research has particularly focused on learning technologies, nudging and choice architecture. He is a board member of IESCUM, European Institute for the Study of Human Behaviour, and he is the co-founder and coordinator of Nudge Italia, an Italian nudge unit member of TEN, The European Nudge Network. He is scientific consultant for Ogilvy Change Italia. He has been working as a consultant and project manager for behavioural interventions and as a trainer of human resources for several public and private companies for the last ten years.

  • Chris Orme

    Chris Orme


  • Stuart Donnelly

    Stuart Donnelly


    Senior Executive

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Join us in London on 7 June 2018
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